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What Is The Right Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Right Bra Size

Choose the Right Bra After Your Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation surgery, your old bra will no longer fit, so you will have to buy a new one. Exciting! Although finding the right bra can be challenging, you’ll probably love shopping for one because you’ll get to check out how great you look with your new curves.

These tips will help you out on your bra shopping experience:

During the first eight weeks of recovery after breast augmentation, it is very important to wear a bra that ensures adequate support for your breasts. This will prevent the implants from sagging prematurely. For some patients, this can be a of particular concern because they may not have as much internal support for the implants, in the form of weaker scar tissue. Wearing a bra during the healing process helps your incisions heal correctly and keep your implants in the proper position. You may also need to wear a bandage, wrapped around the chest at the top of the breasts for extra support (this is rare).

It is essential to avoid wearing underwire bras for the first two months after your breast augmentation surgery. The rigid underwire can press against incisions and cause irritation and even worsen their appearance. Studies have also found that underwire can displace the implants if worn too often or too soon.

When Dr. Guirguis, your breast augmentation surgeon, gives you permission to wear the bra of your choice, then you should start shopping. If possible, look for bras that are made for women with implants. However, if this is not possible, look for bras with deeper, rounder cups and a shape that projects more from the body.



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