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How Latisse Can Help You Revive Over-Plucked Eyebrows

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For many women, plucking eyebrows is a regular occurrence, and over the years, a hair will be removed from its follicle many times. Eventually, the trauma will cause permanent hair loss, meaning it will not regrow, and if enough hairs go missing, an over-plucked eyebrow will seem too sparse.

Latisse Help Growing Thick Eyebrows

Luckily, Latisse can help the remaining hairs make up for the thinness.

Extending the growth period

You may know of eyelash extensions, but have you heard of eyebrow extensions? There’s a procedure that has an adhesive which allows brow hairs to stay on for 5 to 14 days.

Instead of adding more hairs, another strategy would be to change the hair cycle so that the existing hairs stick around longer. The hair cycle starts with an empty follicle, which leads to certain cells under the skin’s surface to accumulate and form the root. As the hair grows, the tip begins to protrude from the skin, which begins the growing phase. When that phase finishes, the next phase allows the hair to sit in the follicle at a fixed length, and that’s called the resting phase, which is followed by the hair falling out by the root. Latisse extends the growing phase by some time, allowing hairs to stick around for longer.

Longer, thicker hairs

As a result of a prolonged growing phase, hairs grow longer. If you’ve ever examined a hair that’s fallen out of the follicle, the tip is thinner whereas the hair towards the root is larger in diameter. Thicker hairs are also more visible, meaning it takes fewer hairs to leave an impression.

Latisse can take a few months to achieve the desired effect, and it’s applied using drops on the brow. The good thing is that stray hairs that have been permanently removed will not grow back, so the benefits of all that hard work will not be diminished. In addition, if you want to change your look, the effects of Latisse are not permanent and will fade eventually.

Strong eyebrows are the current trend, and it’s possible to do with a combination of brow brushes, eyebrow powder, and eyebrow gel to set the hairs in place. Using makeup has a few disadvantages: it means one more step in the makeup application process; it’s temporary; and it doesn’t look as natural. Talk to us to learn more about how Latisse is safe and effective for use.



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