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What To Know About Skin Tags That Grow During Pregnancy

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There’s something about pregnancy that heightens the sense of self-awareness, and even slight changes can become something to focus on. Skin tags are a common occurrence during pregnancy and may develop even if you haven’t had skin tags before. Luckily we can tell you all about what happens and what to do about them.

Skin Tags

Identifying skin tags

Skin tags are small flaps of skin that are 2 to 50 mm in size, and they’re usually discoloured although they shouldn’t be confused with moles that protrude from the skin, which are flatter and darker. They are commonly located in areas of the skin that form creases, such as the neck, armpit, groin, breasts, eyelids, and bottom. It’s not fully understood why skin tags appear, but there are certain groups who are more prone to developing them:

  • Diabetics
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant women

Still, there are some people who fall outside these groups and develop skin tags.

What does it mean if I have skin tags?

Don’t worry — developing skin tags is not a known symptom of another disorder, and removing them won’t harm you either. There are a number of safe ways for detaching the loose skin from your body, although you should not attempt home remedies regardless of whether or not you’re pregnant.

Do not:

  • Apply essential oils to dry out the tag
  • Use lightly acidic solutions to burn them off
  • Expose the tag to natural, but still irritating, ingredients

What should I do if I have a skin tag?

The safest bet is to choose to wait before doing anything about them until after you’ve given birth. Once you’ve given birth, you can choose from a number of safe and effective methods of removal:

  • Freezing using liquid nitrogen, which is also a way to remove warts
  • Using a sanitary and sufficiently sharp scissors or knife to cut it off
  • Use heat to cauterize and kill the cells in the skin tag
  • Penetrate the skin using a cream to disintegrate the tag

If you really can’t wait, discuss your options with your doctor, and above all, know that it’s normal to have skin tags because your body is experiencing changes in different hormone levels. Your body may also change in other ways, but don’t worry because there are products and procedures to get you feeling great and ready to face the world as a new mom!



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