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Liposuction Surgery Procedure Barrie

Liposuction Surgery Procedure Barrie

Unwanted fat is hard to eliminate. It sticks to your body and interferes with your body contour, adding undesirable lumps and bumps where you would rather have it smooth and firm. You want to get rid of it.

Liposuction is the only way to get rid of unwanted fat safely and dramatically. This form of surgical body contouring removes fat cells right out of your body, allowing you to enjoy the leaner body shape you want.

The procedure Dr. Guirguis performs gives you less discomfort and bruising than traditional liposuction. Multiple areas of your body may be targeted in a single procedure, allowing you to reshape your body dramatically. The most frequently treated areas are the following:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Area below your chin, on the neck
  • Breasts
  • Male chest

Call (705) 302-0142 to book your private consultation with Dr. Guirguis about this innovative liposuction technique. You can also request a consultation via email here.

Once your liposuction procedure has been completed, Dr. Guirguis dresses your incisions with the latest in medical technology: the “Seven Day Second Skin Bandage”. This occlusive bandage creates a water and air tight seal to maintain a sterile environment in which your incisions close properly, allowing your body’s natural “good” bacteria to assist in the healing process. While these bandages may be a little more expensive than traditional dressings, it is something that our patients truly appreciate because incisions tend to heal faster and the resulting scar is less noticeable. In fact, there are a number of medical studies showing the rate of infection to be lower when occlusive dressings are used. One review published in the American Journal of Infection Control states that there was a 7.6% rate of infection related to non-occlusive dressings and just 3.2% related to occlusive dressings.

These improvements to our surgical techniques and practices are part of our Continuity of Care philosophy, which are made so that you can enjoy a better experience and better results.

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Memberships and Qualifications held by Dr. Guirguis

Dr. Emad M. Guirguis is recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as a general surgeon, with additional recognition as a cosmetic surgeon. He is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to perform cosmetic surgery, after completing a comprehensive cosmetic surgery certification process. Dr. Guirguis is also a member of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons. Dr. Guirguis currently has hospital privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Read more about Dr. Guirguis.