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Tummy Tuck Risks

In order for you to make an informed decision about your tummy tuck, it is important that you understand the risks that are associated with this body contouring procedure. These risks are considered rare and the chances of occurrence are minimal, particularly when an experienced surgeon like Dr. Guirguis performs your surgery.

Common side effects that you can expect to occur include bruising, swelling and discomfort following your surgery. These all gradually fade, and you can help accelerate the process by following the post-operative care instructions you’ll receive from Dr. Guirguis.

The following are the rare risks related to tummy tuck surgery:

Complications associated with anesthesia:

General anesthesia is typically administered during abdominoplasty. Complications that are associated with this include nausea, nerve injury and hypothermia.


Dr. Guirguis takes great care to perform your surgery in a sterile environment applying advanced surgical techniques to drastically minimize the risk of infection. You can also help by taking the antibiotic medication that you’ll be prescribed after surgery and properly caring for your incisions by following your post-operative care instructions.


In the rare event haematoma (bleeding under the skin) occurs, a drain may be placed to resolve the issue. In more severe cases, surgery or a blood transfusion may be necessary.


This complication may be resolved in the same way as a haematoma, by draining the excess fluid trapped under the skin in the treated area.


Numbness is common following surgery and gradually goes away. While any numbness exists, please be careful as you may be more susceptible to burns.


Sometimes, irritation may occur and take the form of itchiness or sensitivity. This is considered temporary and will gradually go away.

Irregular scarring:

Scarring is one of the biggest concerns for patients undergoing tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Guirguis has devised a surgical procedure and after care treatment protocol to minimize scarring. While scarring is inevitable, the appearance of your scar can be greatly minimized by closely following the instructions provided to you after your surgery. Not only will your incisions be closed using an advanced stitching technique and covered with Seven Day Second Skin Bandages to promote better healing, you’ll also receive a topical ointment to reduce scarring.

Deep vein thrombosis or cardiac and pulmonary complications from blood clots:

There is a possibility for blood clots formed in leg veins to travel to the lungs, causing serious consequences. One way to reduce this risk is to walk around slowly after your surgery to prevent blood clots from forming. It is important not to strain yourself, but just to keep your blood circulating.

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