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Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Your budget is not a reason to not get the look you want. We offer very competitive financing options that will help you get the face or body you want from as low as $100 a month!

One of our financing options allows you to book your treatment today! You won’t have to wait for days or weeks to get approved. Come in for a private medical consultation with Dr. Guirguis, and once a suitable treatment plan has been determined, walk out with your surgery date booked the very same day.

Our financing is different from many other places because of the following reasons:

  • We pay your doctor or medical service provider for your treatment on your behalf.
  • We provide you an affordable, flexible, and customized monthly repayment plan.
  • Weekly plans may also be available.
Click the link below, or call 1-888-689-9876, to apply now!







Find out more by contacting us at 705-302-0142.


Breast Augmentation $8,900

  • Monthly payments from $160

Breast Lift starting at $8,400

  • Monthly payments from $176

Breast Reduction $8,000

  • Monthly payments from $153

Tummy Tuck with complimentary liposuction of the flanks starting at $8,600

  • Monthly payments from $168 to $178

Liposuction $5,500 (any additional area – $2,000)

  • Monthly payments from $131

Mommy Makeover $17,200 – $22,000

  • Monthly payments from $315 to $333 (with a $4000 down payment)

Arm Lift $8,400 – $8,800

  • Monthly payments from $164 to $172

Thigh Lift $8,900

  • Monthly payments from $174

Neck Lift $6,500 – (discount of $1,000 if performed under local anesthetic at Lakeview Surgery Centre)

Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty $4,800-$5,800 (discount of $1,000 for upper eyelid surgery only if performed under local anesthetic at Lakeview Surgery Centre)

  • Monthly payments from $107 to $121
Cyst, Mole, Lipoma and Skin Tag Removal

Fees vary depending on quantity and size. You will receive an estimate with your pre-treatment assessment. Please call for more information


Botox $11.00/unit (Loyalty pricing: $9.00/unit for clients who book every 4 months)

Fillers$600 – $675 per vial

Soft Lift™ Nonsurgical Facelift $2,450 – $4,800 (depending on number of Botox units and Juvederm vials used)
Level 1 – Up to 4 syringes of Juvederm and 50 units of Botox – $2,450.00
Level 2 – Up to 5 syringes of Juvederm and 60 units of Botox – $3,050.00
Level 3 – Up to 6 syringes of Juvederm and 70 units of Botox – $3,650.00
Level 4 – Up to 8 syringes of Juvederm and 80 units of Botox – $4,800.00

  • Monthly payments from $99 to $114

Cyst, Mole, Lipoma and Skin Tag Removal starting at $400 (fees vary depending on quantity and size)


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Memberships and Qualifications held by Dr. Guirguis

Dr. Emad M. Guirguis is recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as a general surgeon, with additional recognition as a cosmetic surgeon. He is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to perform cosmetic surgery, after completing a comprehensive cosmetic surgery certification process. Dr. Guirguis is also a member of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons. Dr. Guirguis currently has hospital privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Read more about Dr. Guirguis.