Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants, Breast Lifts, and Breast Reductions...

Women who undergo breast augmentation experience a number of positive changes in their lives. While these improvements have been documented repeatedly in clinical research, there is nothing stronger and more moving than hearing how a positive transformation has occurred directly from one of our patients.

  • More positive and optimistic
  • Improved self awareness
  • Higher level of confidence
  • Heightened self-esteem to a record high
  • Better posture
  • More satisfying sex life

How about you? Are you happy with your current body contour?

Don’t deprive yourself of the positive transformation you could experience like the many Lakeview Surgery patients who already have. Our breast augmentation patients frequently tell us that if they had known how safe the surgery was and how it would impact their confidence levels and well being , they would have made the choice sooner!  Call 705-302-0142to book your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Emad Guirguis.

5 Unique Reasons Why Dr. Guirguis Achieves The Beautiful, Natural Looking Results That You Want From Breast Augmentation

Dr. Guirguis applies a more sophisticated surgical technique: the non-blind technique. This means that he can see everything he’s doing during the surgery. In fact, it was his training as a general surgeon that taught him to not operate blind during these kinds of procedures.

  1. When creating a pocket where an implant is to be placed, it is standard practice for surgeons to make incisions inside the body without first seeing where to place them, in the hopes that nothing gets accidentally cut or punctured. Excessive, unnecessary bleeding is typical, so much so that drains may be needed to eliminate the blood. To ease bleeding, surgeons then rely on drains as well as the pressure from the implants and dressings. Dr. Guirguis believes that operating “blind” causes trauma to the patient that can be totally avoided by simply using a fiberoptic headlight, which he wears throughout the surgery so that he can see exactly where every incision he makes is located inside the patient’s body. As a result, the risk of accidentally puncturing vessels or internal organs is exponentially decreased, and he is able to avoid cutting any vessels that could contribute to unnecessary bleeding. His patients never require the use of drains, during or after their surgery.
  2. Dr. Guirguis pre-measures the implant pocket before your surgery begins, carefully marking the size on your breast, in a technique known as PrecisionDissection . The pocket is fully customized for the implant, so that it accurately fits all dimensions of the implant, including depth, width and height. The pocket is created to “fit like a glove”, which is important to achieve desirable results. This is because if the pocket is too big, the implant is able to shift around. If it is too small, then the implant will get compressed and not take on the natural teardrop shape of the breast. In addition, your implants won’t sit so high up on your chest and then drop a great distance to its final resting position. Dr. Guirguis also anchors the pocket to the chest wall muscle so there is no chance of the implant falling or protruding through the base or side of the breast. As a result, you’ll be able to see the optimal results from your surgery faster.
  3. Of the hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries that Dr. Guirguis has performed since he first started as a cosmetic surgeon over 20 years ago, incidents of capsular contracture amongst his patients are far less than industry standard of 10% – 20%. Capsular contracture is one of the most common and troubling risks of breast augmentation and something that has been associated with infection. This may be a result of several factors related to Dr. Guirguis’ surgical technique, such as the following:
    -Dr. Guirguis uses the Keller Funnel, a device that is designed to make implant insertion, placement and handling easier, as well as results in a much smaller incision and resulting scar.
    -Implants are soaked in an antibiotic solution before being placed, even though they are sterile when received from the manufacturer. This is done to reduce the chance of infection as a result of any possible mishandling during their production.
    -No drains are used during or after the surgery because of his precise dissection and direct visualization surgical technique. Dr. Guirguis also makes sure that there is no fluid leakage before he inserts the implant.
  4. One of the reasons why patients consistently rave about the results that Dr. Guirguis achieves, is related to scarring. Any surgery results in scars. For this reason, Dr. Guirguis is very conscientious of all the incisions he makes and how he closes them. He always places any incisions discreetly and seals incision lines with minimal tension in a clean, straight line. Any spaces are tightly sealed hindering the fluid accumulation that could lead to abnormal scarring. He also uses dissolvable stitches, leaving no knot or bulkiness to prevent a negative skin reaction. While the sutures Dr. Guirguis uses are more expensive and his suturing techniques require a little more time and effort to complete, both have been proven to reduce the risk of abnormal scarring and the tell-tale sign of surgery.
  5. Dr. Guirguis assesses the unique needs of each patient by considering their weight, breast shape, breast width, nipple position and physical history. He determines whether the nipples have shifted downward, if there is skin laxity, and what the exact dimensions of the breasts are. Exploring a patient’s history, Dr. Guirguis will also find out whether you have had children and breastfed, since this could contribute to lost volume that is disproportionate. With each decade, skin quality becomes a bigger issue as well. A patient in her 60’s will have very different skin quality than someone in her 20’s.These things help determine the size, shape and position of the breast implants, as well as if a breast lift is required to achieve desirable results. Dr. Guirguis performs all three major incision placements: inframammary, trans-axillary and peri-areolar, as well as both subglandular and submuscular implant placement.

Breast Implants

What size do I want?

That’s the most common question patients ask, and it is also one of the hardest to answer. If you choose something too small or too big, then you most likely won’t be happy with the outcome of your breast augmentation surgery.

The overwhelming majority of our patients choose an implant size that improves their body contour, making it more proportionate. A harmonious balance is the key to achieving a natural-looking result, but how do you determine what size can do that for you?

Factors That You Should Examine To Help You Pick The Right Breast Implant Size

  1.  Lifestyle
    Are you into physically active and into sports? Larger breast implants could get in the way of your performance.
  2. What is your natural body type?
    Are you full-figured and have a good amount of your own natural breast tissue? Bigger implants may create a better proportion as supported by your larger body frame. However, if you are naturally thin and have little of your own breast tissue, larger implants might increase your risk of developing undesirable side effects like stretchmarks and visible rippling. It will also make you look too “top heavy”. While you can still get larger implants if you’d like, you should be aware that there is more of a likelihood that these “telltale signs” of breast augmentation will occur.
  3. Natural, or enhanced?
    Some patients prefer that their breasts look enhanced. These patients tend to choose a larger size.

Talk to your Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Guirguis applies specific measurements based on your body contour to determine suitable breast implant sizes for you. It’s great to bring in a general idea of what size you’d like to be, but Dr. Guirguis can also help by choosing something that will achieve a proportionate result based on his years of experience as a cosmetic breast surgeon.

Breast Lifts

The shape of your breasts is affected by age, breast feeding and weight fluctuations. With the constant downward pull of gravity, your breasts will gradually lose their perkiness, elongating as well as flattening against your body.

Your breasts can be “lifted” so that there is more fullness in the upper portion, giving you a perkier appearance and fuller cleavage. While the effects of your surgery will be seen immediately, you’ll need to wait for swelling, bruising and discomfort to subside in the weeks following your recovery to see the optimal improvement of your surgery. Fortunately, Dr. Guirguis applies advanced surgical techniques to dramatically reduce your recovery so that you can enjoy the positive transformation achieved from your surgery.

Dr. Guirguis applies several sophisticated surgical techniques. One is the non-blind technique. This means that he can see everything he is doing during your surgery, something that he was trained to do as a general surgeon. Operating “blind” causes trauma to your body that can be totally avoided, such as damaging vessels that contribute to excessive bleeding. The risk of accidentally puncturing internal organs is exponentially decreased as well. As a result, less damage is caused by the surgical process, and you won’t require the use of drains after your surgery.

Scarring is another major concern related to the breast lift procedure. It is true that breast lifts require more extensive incisions than other cosmetic breast surgery, and Dr. Guirguis is very conscientious about this. All incisions are placed as discreetly as possible and are sealed with minimal tension in a clean, straight line, using sutures that are not knotted or bulky. Special sutures are used that cause no adverse skin reaction. These reasons help the skin heal nicely, so that the only sign left behind is a faint, thin line that can be easily covered by your bra or bikini top.

During your consultation with Dr. Guirguis, you will have a medical assessment that will allow him to devise a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. Your age, skin condition, breast shape, breast width, nipple position and physical history will all be considered to determine the amount of lift you require to achieve the improvement you want.

Breast Reductions

You have excessively large breasts that do not just make your body look disproportionate, but also cause severe discomfort in your neck, shoulders and back. You are familiar with the ache and fatigue, even when you wear a good supportive bra.

Following their breast reduction, many of our patients have expressed this: “I wish I had done it sooner!”

You don’t have to suffer the discomfort and embarrassment that your excessively large breasts cause you. Breast reduction can help you.