A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries available. They are frequently seen as elective procedures that models and celebrities use to slim their waist lines. Cosmetic surgery is something most people would never consider as it is not considered a necessity. For many, though, a tummy tuck is something that could significantly improve their physical health.

While the focus is on the weight reduction, tummy tucks include a stitching of the abdominal wall. This results in a more toned appearance, but is where the health benefits originate. One of the many causes of back pain is when the abdominal wall stretches and loses the ability to stabilize the core. When this happens, the back must overcompensate to keep the body upright and stable. With time, this back pain can be felt even when sitting down.

What causes abdominal muscles to stretch?

While the average weight of a newborn baby is slowly dropping, the average newborn weighs 7.5 lbs The likelihood of having twins has remained at 3.3%, a high that has been present since 2009. Considering these statistics, it is no wonder many postpartum women experience back pain. 

The nine months of carrying one or more babies causes the abdominal wall to stretch. Under normal conditions, the abdominal wall acts like a rubber band. It can stretch out, but easily returns to normal afterwards. After multiple pregnancies, twins, or overweight babies, the abdominal wall can be stretched so much it loses the ability to return to normal.

This condition is also known as diastatis recti, affectionately known as “mummy tummy”. While it usually returns to normal following the pregnancy, 5-21% of women experience chronic back pain. This pain stems from the muscles losing the ability to return to their original state. The abdominal muscles act like a rubber band; under normal conditions

Can a tummy tuck help people who have back pain from weight loss?

While pregnancy is the most common cause of diastasis recti, rapid weight loss can have the same results. Unfortunately, studies even suspect a link between weight loss surgery and back pain. Luckily though, this means that a tummy tuck could provide the same pain relief as it would for pregnant women. In contrast to pregnancy, sudden weight loss is something that can happen in both men and women. 

How can a tummy tuck help back pain?

One of the two most important parts of a tummy tuck is stitching together the abdominal wall. Aesthetically, this results in tighter abdominal muscles, further augmenting the waistline. When the abdominal wall has been stretched out and weakened, though, this stitching has a second purpose. By holding the abdominal muscles together, they can begin working together as they would have before the pregnancy or weight gain. 

Welcoming a child or achieving your goal physique should not come with back pain, though. After working hard to reach your goals, you should be able to enjoy the new chapter in your life. If you are experiencing back pain and think that pregnancy or weight loss might have been the culprit, feel free to contact Lakeview Surgery Centre. Dr. G is the resident general surgeon who has years of experience in cosmetic surgery. A tummy tuck is just one of the many procedures he is capable of at Lakeview.

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