In 2018, liposuction accounted for 14% of all cosmetic surgery treatments in North America. This popularity is because of its affordability and relatively quick recovery time of between a few days and a couple weeks. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that 2018 saw a 5% rise in liposuction procedures compared to 2017. For anyone going on a winter vacation, it’s an affordable and easy way to lose those last few pounds. Looking great in that bathing suit is just a simple procedure away. 

What many patients do not realize, though, is that liposuction has more than just aesthetic and mental benefits. While a toned body can help individuals view themselves in a positive way, the procedure may have lasting physical benefits. Studies show that liposuction can lead to improvements in cardiovascular and joint health.

Back to Liposuction Basics

Liposuction is a fairly simple procedure in the world of cosmetic surgery. Surgeons begin by injecting a saline solution with mild anesthetic into the targeted area. This solution begins to liquify the fat tissue that lies between the skin and muscle. The solution is then given time to emulsify the fat. Afterwards, it is sucked out with a medical vacuum. The fat is then either disposed of or relocated to other parts of the body, such as the breasts or glutes. This relocation procedure is called a “fat transfer”, which you can read more about here.

Recovery times change depending on the surgeon and the methods they use for the procedure. Generally, recovery takes between a few days and a couple weeks. The procedure itself only takes a few hours to complete, and is second only to injectables in affordability. Liposuction is commonly paired with other procedures, as seen in Lakeview’s “tummy tucks” and “mommy makeovers”.  These other procedures sculpt the body in addition to removing fat tissue.

Benefits of Liposuction with Other Procedures

Liposuction itself can only offer mild results which may not offer the results patients are looking for. This is why Lakeview frequently pairs the procedure with our “tummy tuck” and “mommy makeover” procedures. This way, we can ensure that our patients are completely satisfied with their final results.  

A tummy tuck begins with liposuction, removing excess fat tissue in the abdominal area. This is followed by the removal of excess skin and the reshaping of the abdominal muscles. After the muscles are stitched in place, the surrounding skin is stretched down to close the site. A tummy tuck offers a much more toned and sought after appearance than liposuction can provide. The mommy makeover expands on the tummy tuck by also including a breast augmentation for a reduced price. 

Why Do You Need Liposuction?

Since liposuction is limited to a mild removal of fat tissue, many view it as unnecessary. It is strictly seen as a cosmetic procedure to sculpt the body by trimming fat. As such, a healthier lifestyle is stressed to preserve the effects of liposuction. So why even get the procedure at all? 

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is a great way to lose weight and improve your health. The issue many people run in to, though, is the “plateau” of weight loss. Healthier lifestyles are based on increasing activity and reducing calorie intake. When the body loses weight, though, it is burning fat along with a small amount of muscle. This muscle tissue is what maintains the metabolic rates that dictate how much energy the body uses. The reduction in muscle tissue causes the body’s metabolism to drop, leading to the plateau of weight loss. To overcome this stage naturally, continued changes in diet and exercise is necessary. Alternatively, liposuction can help remove this fat without having to make dramatic changes to your diet.

It is important to remember that a medical professional should always be consulted prior to receiving any sort of treatment. Cosmetic surgeons can determine if liposuction is right for you, or if alternative treatments should be pursued. They can also determine what method of liposuction would be most suitable for you.

How Can Liposuction Improve My Health?

First and foremost, liposuction should not be viewed as a weight loss surgery. The operation is meant to mildly sculpt the body by reducing or relocating fat tissue. In contrast, operations such as  gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy surgery can help combat obesity. These work by changing the way the digestive system works. This being said, liposuction has been proven to carry benefits to physical health. 

For example, a study in 2011 proposed a link between liposuction and an improvement in cardiac health. Patients were tested both before and after undergoing the procedure. These tests noted a reduction in triglycerides in the blood of the patients following the procedure. Triglycerides are commonly known as “bad fats” which can increase the chances of heart disease. It should be stressed, though, that liposuction cannot prevent heart disease by itself. Patients had a reduction in triglyceride levels, but their cholesterol remained unchanged. Rather, liposuction is suspected to be a benefit to a healthy lifestyle that itself prevents heart disease. 

Additionally, studies show a possible link between fat transfers and a possible benefit for joint health. This is because fat tissue, once properly processed, holds a high volume of adult stem cells. By re-injecting these cells into to arthritic joints, there is a possible improvement in health benefits. This can also help any other areas experiencing degenerative issues. These processed cells can reduce inflammation and may lead to a healing effect in the targeted area.

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