Fat Transfer, Fat Grafting, Lipofilling, Fat Injections… whatever you want to call it, it’s a popular procedure with minimal risks and an insanely fast recovery time.

See Dr. G perform a Fat Transfer Procedure! 

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Affordable procedure with BIG results 
  • Look younger FAST
  • Get rid of those stubborn deep lines

But what is it?

Simply put, Fat Transfer procedures use a person’s own fat to fill in irregularities and grooves. It is used to enhance the face and body and was established in the early nineties but is now a well-known, affordable, procedure that both young and old patients love to do to look and feel their best.

What are some reasons people might get a Fat Transfer procedure?

  1. Sunken cheeks: Seeking a fuller, more youthful appearance
  2. Removing fat from cheekbones: Seeking more definition in their cheekbone area
  3. Deep Smile Lines: Adding fat to minimize the lines that run from your nose to your mouth.
  4. Lip Enhancement: Common method used to achieve fuller lips or remove lip wrinkles caused by smoking or age.

What actually happens?

The fat is taken by making a small incision (3-5mm), and then pulled out with a liposculpture tool. It is normally taken from the abdomen or inner thigh. Then, it is processed (centrifuging, filtering, or rinsing) and you are left with a beautiful pure liquid fatty tissue ready for injection!

How long does it take?

This is the best part…it only takes about ONE HOUR! Of course, depending on the size of the areas you want to be treated. Noticed a your face is looking a little sunken and want to show off a full, youthful face for your Highschool Reunion next weekend? No problem!

What types of drugs/anesthesia are used?

Local infiltration anaesthesia of the donor area and the area to be treated are usually all that is required. What is Local infiltration anesthesia? Simply put, it is a small needle that is inserted in the area around both where the fat will be removed and where the fat will be injected into. The local infiltration anesthesia will then numb the selected areas.

Possible Side Effects

Sometimes there is bruising, swelling, and tenderness up to 10 days for both donor area and the treated area. But, sometimes, there isn’t any noticeable side effects! The areas will be rather swollen immediately after, especially if they are the lips. Use a cold pack or something frozen to help ease the pain and swelling. The swelling will likely increase until about the third day, then gradually go down after that.

You should have a check up with the surgeon after 5-7 days to ensure everything is on track and healing properly. If you notice any unusual pain, contact your doctor immediately.

Then, your doctor will usually over-correct, meaning injecting more fat than is actually needed because 25-30% of the fat cells do not survive. The final results are asses after three months, photos are usually taken to compare, and more sessions can be scheduled based on the results.

What are the risks of Fat Transfer procedures?

Like most plastic surgery procedures, there are small risks associated with Fat Transfer. Asymmetry, irregularities, overcorrection, and infection. Luckily, all of those can be either fixed, corrected, or given antibiotics to tackle any infection.

What are the final results of Fat Transfer Procedures?

Correction of deep wrinkles, larger fuller cheeks and lips, and improved quality of overlying skin are all positive side effects of this popular procedure. It has also been known to be a very successful procedure for patients who have suffered with breast cancer. 

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