mommy makeover


a toned stomach, perky breasts and a smooth silhouette that didn’t include pockets of unwanted fat bulging through your clothes. That’s how you used to look, before you had children. Does it seem that no matter how much exercising and dieting you do, you just can’t get your pre-pregnancy body back?

With a mommy makeover, you can feel:

  • Rejuvenated and energetic
  • Youthful
  • More confident in your skin
  • Great because you can wear the clothes you used to wear before you had children

Feel like a beautiful woman again. Call 705-737-3933 to book your mommy makeover with Dr. Emad Guirguis. Your mommy makeover will be designed to reclaim the body you used to have before you had children (and may have taken for granted!), and may be a one or more of these body contouring procedures: breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction.

Every aspect of your surgery is designed in a way that will enable you to recover faster. Some examples of how this is achieved:

Breast Augmentation

During your breast augmentation, Dr. Guirguis is careful to avoid any unnecessary trauma that could cause excess bleeding by performing precise dissection with direct visualization of all tissues in the target area. This “bloodless” technique means that you won’t have as an intense or lengthy recovery that is normally associated with less advanced techniques. In addition, your scar will be shorter because Dr. Guirguis uses a special implant placement device. These reasons also contribute to a minimal risk of capsular contracture, which is under 1% (the industry average is 10%-20%). Read more about breast augmentation

Natural Tuck Tummy Tuck

Dr. Guirguis’ Natural Tuck is a unique form of abdominoplasty that involves a number of advanced techniques to allow for your optimal results to appear sooner. During the surgery, Dr. Guirguis carefully repositions skin and tissues to your abdominal muscle wall for better stability of your results with a clean suturing technique that eliminates any space where excess fluid can collect. This is important because it dramatically reduces swelling and the risk of seroma (a complication of abdominoplasty), and makes the insertion of drains to eliminate excess fluid totally unnecessary. In addition, your incisions will be dressed with “Seven Day Second Skin”, a type of bandage that allows you to take a shower the day after surgery, and you won’t have to change it until you visit Dr. Guirguis a week after your surgery! The bandage maintains a sterile environment in which your incisions can close properly, a healing process that is facilitated by the beneficial bacteria naturally present on your skin. Read more about tummy tucks


Dr. Guirguis is very particular about what type of liposuction he performs. He strives to reduce your recovery rate with less invasive methods, which is why he applies a more advanced liposuction technique to get rid of your unwanted fat without traumatizing other vital structures such as blood vessels and nerves for a faster recovery. Read more about liposuction

Your Mommy Makeover Experience

You will be cared for by a dedicated medical team consisting of Dr. Guirguis, our anesthetist and team of nurses. Dr. Guirguis and the Lakeview Team will be there for you from the first day you come in for your consultation through to your recovery, and beyond (many of our patients love to tell us how they’re doing, even years later!). This is part of Lakeview Surgery Centre’s Continuity of Care, a policy that extends well beyond your surgery date. Everything from what you do before your surgery to the type of dressing used for wound care and proper scar maintenance is taken into account so that you can achieve the results you want. Our “family care” environment means you won’t ever feel like you’re part of a machine. You get the care and attention you deserve.