Now that summer is over and it’s “wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie season”, you may feel that the “what to wear” internal debate is over. Yes, even though it’s easier in the fall and winter months to cover up your body flaws, it shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t make some body positive changes. Being proud and comfortable in your own skin makes a world of difference. Boobs can be an everyday annoyance for some women. Things like buying the right size tops, driving (seat belts), exercising, sleeping, push up bras/stuffing, nip slips, people always checking them out/people never checking them out, and discomfort. Because of this, many women are interested in getting a boob job.

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes and a lot of the time seem disproportionate to the rest of a woman’s body. This makes clothes shopping difficult, sleeping uncomfortable, creates back problems, and affects self confidence. Whether they’re too big, small, not so perky, or just not meeting your standards, no woman should live their life not loving their body! Here are reasons to consider getting a boob job:

A Resolution For 2020

New year, new you, with new boobs! 2020 isn’t just a year for perfect vision but also the perfect boob job for you. We’re only a couple of months from the new year and usually, the inaugural year of a new decade motivates individuals to make huge strides in personal improvement. Now, Resolutions, like body types, come in all different shapes and sizes and perhaps both are correlated. Make this year the year you change your body and improve your confidence. Maybe, you’ll finally get that gym membership and use it. But unfortunately, the gym can only do so much in a short period of time to improve specific body parts. A Breast Augmentation or a “boob job” can help get the look you strive for without the frustration, time and dedication.

Look Good and Feel Confident on Vacation

While you’re starting to plan your winter getaway, maybe it’s also time to improve your boobs. Nobody wants the added weight of body image shame in their luggage. With a boob job, you can leave the unwanted baggage in 2019.

Get a Beach Body

Even if you aren’t planning on a winter escape, getting a boob job now is a good idea to look your best for next summer. No more comparing yourself to others on the beach and wishing you had their figure. Also, bikini shopping is made a lot easier when your top half fits with the rest of your body. No more mix-matching suits!

Do You Have Time For A Boob Job?

Well, generally, we have the most time between Thanksgiving to early December and mid-January to the end of March. Obviously, December and early January are the most hectic time of year. We’re busy visiting family and friends over the holidays and in the summer months, the kids are off school and the pressure from society and peers to do a lot while the weather is warm. Although, perhaps, using one of your remaining vacation days in December for a boob job is a good idea. This will give your body lots of time to recover and prepare for the big reveal. It’s better to get work done in the colder months. That way, you can show off your physique without the recovery marks.

Where to Get a Boob Job?

Finally, visit Dr. G of Lakeview Surgery Centre for a consultation. He specializes in breast augmentation and can offer you minimal recovery time and scarring, and an increase of self esteem, which is priceless. Whether you are looking for a reduction, enhancement, lift, implants, getting a boob job isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Please ask for a consultation so all your questions, requirements are met, and your mind can be put at ease.

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