Sculpt, Repair, Rejuvenate

with a Tummy Tuck

“The Natural Tuck” By Dr. Guirguis

A customized tummy tuck procedure that eliminates bulkiness in the mid-section and dramatically enhances muscular definition without extensive visible scarring.

You’ll love the fact that you are finally able to have the flatter stomach and cinched-in waist you may have lost following childbirth, aging or weight loss.

In fact, research into the benefits of cosmetic surgery indicate that you may also feel any of the following:

  • Much happier, in general
  • More attractive — you like what you see in the mirror!
  • The confidence to pursue dreams that seemed out of reach
  • A better sense of self that isn’t masked by a pessimistic outlook
  • An urge to change for the better in many areas of your life, such as eating habits and personal grooming

"I was referred to Dr. Guirguis by way of rave reviews from a friend. From the moment I met Dr. Guirguis I felt comfortable and at ease. He was always kind and explained all procedures thoroughly. His staff goes above and beyond, making you feel part of a family. Extremely happy with my results and cannot thank the team enough for this amazing experience.”

- B Madigan

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What Does It Look Like?

Tummy tucks can seem like a huge investment, but even worse, they seem like a big scary procedure. Interested in watching a 3D rendering of the Tummy Tuck to ease your mind? Maybe seeing some before and after pictures will help solidify your decision. Click the buttons below. It’s amazing what our bodies can do!

6 Reasons Why Dr. Guirguis’s Natural Tuck Gives You A Leaner Body Contour Without Scars People Can See (Even When You’re Wearing A Skimpy Bikini!)

Research has proven that when you are confident with your looks, it contributes to your psychological well-being. Can you imagine how great you would feel if you had a greater sense of confidence?

No drains after surgery

A more traditional tummy tuck involves the placement of drains–tubes that stick out of your body–which have to stay in place for about a week. Drains are messy, uncomfortable, a nuisance to deal with and have been associated with higher rates of infection, seroma and a longer recovery period. However, their use is not necessary if advanced surgical techniques are applied. By carefully repositioning and attaching the skin and soft tissues to the natural anatomy of the abdominal muscle wall with a clean multiple suturing technique, Dr. Guirguis seals the tissues tightly, eliminating any spaces inside the body where fluids could collect and contribute to excessive swelling and seroma collection. While your surgery may take a few minutes longer, you’ll have a shorter recovery period so that you can show off your results sooner!

Better sutures
Dr. Guirguis uses a type of “Quill” suture when closing any incisions. Although these dissolvable monofilament sutures are more expensive and takes a few minutes longer to apply, they require no knots to ensure the incision is closed as snugly as possible and reduces the risk of the negative skin reaction that is associated with their less expensive, braided counterparts. There won’t be any fluid accumulation and it contributes to less visible scarring.
Advanced knowledge

Dr. Guirguis is a general surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery, as certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Due to his training as a general surgeon, Dr. Guirguis has advanced knowledge of internal anatomy (in fact, much more so than a plastic surgeon). This allows him to place incisions as low as possible without adversely affecting internal organs. This means that the resulting scar always remains well hidden by underwear and bikini bottoms.

Complimentary liposuction

If you’re female you will appreciate the fact that for no additional cost, Dr. Guirguis will perform liposuction on your flanks during the surgery to enhance your results, giving you back that hourglass figure you once had.

Natural looking belly button

After seeing the flattened, stretched out belly buttons and circumferential scars created by more traditional forms of abdominoplasty, our patients often express concern about this, stating that they don’t want that to happen to their belly button. Don’t worry, because your belly button will be restored back to its natural shape, similar to how it looked when you were younger, and without any scar circling it. Your Natural Tuck involves the reconstruction of your umbilicus (belly button) to preserve its natural three-dimensional shape with a “reverse V” incision.

Less bandage changing

How would you feel if you had to change your own bandages when they got messy and clean your incision lines after your surgery? Or, in your compromised state, travel to see your surgeon the next day just so that they could do this for you, when all you want to do is rest? That’s how it is with traditional surgeries. Not with Dr. Guirguis! Your incisions will be dressed with the latest in medical technology: the “Seven Day Second Skin Bandage”. This bandage allows you to take a shower the very next day after surgery and you won’t have to change it! For a week, the bandage maintains a sterile environment in which your incisions can close properly, allowing your body’s natural “good” bacteria to assist in the healing process. When it comes time to change them after a week, removing your Second Skin bandage is pain-free. These bandages may be a little more expensive than traditional dressings, but it is something that our patients truly appreciate. It has become an integral part of our Continuity of Care philosophy, in which we implement anything that makes your surgical experience a better one.

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Research has proven that when you are confident with your looks, it contributes to your psychological well-being. Can you imagine how great you would feel if you had a greater sense of confidence?

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